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Enrolment Process

If you are looking for a place for your child to start with C&K during 2017 please email enrolments@candk.asn.au. Once we know a little bit about what you need we will be in contact to let you know which C&K services have vacancies and how we can help you.

Alternatively please feel free to contact your preferred service directly and enquire about available places, please use the "Find a C&K near you" search to view an individual C&K service's web page and contact details.

Where a C&K service doesn't have any places available you will be invited to place your child's name on a waiting list. Please note at this stage C&K doesn't have a centralised waiting list or enrolments process. All waiting lists and enrolments are managed by each service.

Placing your child's name on a C&K waiting list

C&K Branch Services (owned and operated by C&K)

You will find an online waiting list form on the service's web page. Once you complete and submit the form online, it will be sent directly to the service. You will receive an email copy of your wait list form to retain for your records. The C&K service will then be in contact with you about your waiting list request.

C&K Affiliated Services (Owned and operated by Volunteer Parent Management Committees)

Please contact the Affiliate service directly to place your child's name on the service's waiting list.

You are most welcome to contact any C&K service to meet the Director and arrange a tour, prior to submitting a waiting list form.


Enrolling your child with C&K

Please contact your preferred service to find out if the service has vacancies. If a vacancy is available, the Service Director will support you with the enrolment process. If the service doesn't have a current vacancy you will be asked if you would like to place your child's name on the service's waiting list.

C&K long day care / childcare services make enrolment offers throughout the year, as vacancies arise. C&K kindergarten services typically make enrolment offers in July, the year prior to your child starting kindergarten, as well as throughout the year, as vacancies arise.


C&K values your feedback about our wait list and enrolment processes. If you have questions or concerns, please call us on 1800 177 092 or email info@candk.asn.au.